Has Liberal Media Taken a Conservative Spin?

The other day I plugged in my TV to get the World Series.  I channel surfed and came upon PBS channel 2.2.   They were talking about Snowden.  They mentioned how embarrassing this is for the US. 

When you figure that it takes money to run things I was perplex when I heard this.  Through backwater media I discovered that Russia is off the privet banking money dole.  The Bible is in the Russian schools.   Anything positive about Russia and embarrassing the the US from money needing media is perplexing.

Well anyways, the only constant truth is the Word.  And the Word does not have bias Josh 5:13,14.  that is when Joshua met the Angel of the Lord and He said I am neither you side or theirs.

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a stiff uppper lip

My Dad used to say Keep a stiff upper lip. I guess that means no crying. Well my crying is usually whining to my self then to someone else.

I have sever anger about work that drives me insane. Well insane is a good word for it.

But it is pain pain pain I gots the pain. ohh would I love to do some kind of vice to get ride of the pain.

so I gots to ask my self what is the pain saying. Is it saying get another job. Pray. give it God.

What it does got me doing is seeking a vice. Oh de joy!

Well I always have had a desire go be totally free like I was in Montana when I work in the Forest Service. I was home less for a whole summer and fall. I camped out and slept in a warehouse avoiding getting caught.

It seems just a coincidence that the apartment is getting painted when I am considering tenting for a living.

it is cold out there I just closed the window.

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Pull it Together

When watching sci-fi television sometimes I get a subliminal message. You know those hints of wisdom or a “hey I got an idea!” A Doctor Who spin off called Torchwood is my new weekly “I got watch” show.

Ester had just done hand to hand combat with someone a kill him. She was really shaking up. The other actor Rex was getting her to pull together. Well I saw myself has her. Really shaken up.

I ask myself when I see a TV show “Should I take this advice?” This is one of the few cases where the answer was yes.

I have a job to do! No matter how depressed and lonely I get, I got to do it. So hey here it is lets get on with the job in hand. PULL IT TOGETHER!

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Computer Problems

One of the most frustrating things for me is trying to get my computer to behave the way I want it too. Google has been an invaluable tool for me to use in solving the strangest issues. Not having patients and being frustrated can lead to lots of dead ends when searching.

I have had Macs for about 20 years. Macs were early in the Cloud with their iDisk. Apple has gone from iTools to dotMac to now MobileMe. Today I found out that this was at the hart of my problem. Because of outdated systems and changes I have not been able to put my information in cyber-space.

Putting all this aside, the point for me writing all this is to express thanks to God. My problem was solved within 10 minutes after church today. With His Sprit calming my hart and putting ideas in my head I was able to search with uncanny accuracy. For me this is another time our creator has set an old law that I too know too well but have not been applying. His way not my way. My flesh says I want to solve the problem my self.

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Waisted Satruday

This morning was the monthly Mac User group meeting and the local Mormon Church. Apple TVs were just about given away. I was too busy trying to figure out a computer problem to pay much attention to the meeting. Spent most of my Saturday here in front of the computer viewing TV shows and lusting at hacked iPhones on eBay and wondering how to use one if I acquired it. If you use an iPhone wrong you get an expensive brick.

My boss called today. I may be getting a blackberry because the need of instant access through their email. Maybe getting an iPhone could bypass carrying a blackberry. Hey it is a try.

After the day gone and mid evening I saw a post from a friend. It was a sad post. It gave me a dose of reality. This was the second time. I got a good dose in one of the shows when people were dealing with exaggerated evil.

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Let the Rocks Cry Out

The rocks are beginning to cry out. Well not actually the rocks but people who love the Lord are beginning to express them selves. Yea, we are a bit off key. We really don’t know how to express this love for God ours. So we cry just a bit off key. Each of us is a little different but we are beginning to cry out. We know the importance of this love of ours and we wish others could know but they don’t What makes my hart flutter is that we are beginning to cry out! The more we cry the more that we know that we are not alone in our song. And ya know what? If we keep crying others may start to sing with us and we make this a harmony.


I bought a goat

A month ago I said to the Lord I will buy a goat if I can keep my Job.  Two weeks ago I got frustrated at a false preacher sucking money out of people that could be used better.  So what I did was buy an extra present for my sponsored child.  God was softening my hart.   I knew that I would not have money soon.  What about those who have nothing?   I have not been praying for her and too busy to give an extra donation.  Today K-Love had a drive for World Vision.  Jesus asked me to donate again.  So I did.  When I came on for my evening shift, the Division Manager pull me aside and said I had my job!  So as soon as I got home I bought a goat.  Thank you Jesus!  He is awesome!

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